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    Choosing a non-dealership service station can save you money. It's also great to support local businesses.


"My expectation of my car is that it’s dependable, safe, and starts every day. When the car has a problem I generally accept quote, no real questions asked, and approve service. When I received a quote for 1734.52 to fix some coils and spark plugs, I decided I better look into this repair quote and was fortunate enough to call JOUST Services. The same service was priced at $900 with the auto repair shops they work with. This was fantastic news, I was able to fix the car and learn how much “too much” I’ve been paying for years for service. I unquestionably, recommend Joust Services. They are responsive, dependable, and knowledgeable and know what to look for in a service shop."
- Myriam Ochart, Lean Compliance Partners

"JOUST Services has a professional staff that helps you and provides convenient service. The staff let you know what needs to be done with your car and what doesn't. When it comes to cost they don't overcharge."
- Victor Cobos, College Student

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